Save money and Improve Service!

Ambit Solutions offers SIP Trunking services to its clients.  If you are running POTS lines, PRI’s or Centrex, you are paying way too much for dial tone.

SIP Trunks provide the same local and long distance phone service that you get from a traditional analog phone line or PRI channel or trunk.  Instead of using a copper phone wire to transmit the data, SIP trunking uses your data circuit or Internet fiber.

Benefits for You

Free Local and Long Distance!  There are no additional charges for calls made within the continental US. Calls outside that area are billed at standard carrier rates.  

E911 Service Included.  Ambit Solutions provides free E911 services for every facility. Each facility location is geo-coded. The system also gives you the ability to automatically notify other administrators when someone at your location dials 911.  This gives you the opportunity to immediately marshal resources to the emergency situation if appropriate.

Superior Support and Service.  How often have you had to call a Phone carrier to ask a quick and simple question, only to get lost in the automated voice system and never reach a person. With Ambit Solutions, there is no more navigating endless IVR’s to find support and get answers to your questions.  Ambit technicians are a phone call away and ready to assist. All are employees and trained technicians of Ambit Solutions and located within the United States.

Turnkey Solution.  Ambit Trunking, combined with the Ambit Voice over IP phone system, gives you a one-stop, turnkey solution for your telecommunication needs.  This saves money and simplifies support because you will only need to deal with one company.

Substantial Savings!  Ambit Solutions SIP Trunking services typically are substantially less than standard telecom services and even other VoIP providers.  Current clients are saving from $10,000 to over $500,000 per year using Ambit trunking services. Call us and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.