Mass Notification

Your way and within Budget!

There are several options for mass notifications.  First, the Asterisk Voice over IP Phone System provides built-in Intercom and Paging features.  Most SIP-based telephone handsets have multicast capabilities, along with speakers and microphone, that enable you to easily utilize the phone system intercom and paging features.  Those receiving the Page do not have to pick up the handset.  The call will automatically move to the speaker.

Multiple paging zones can also be created to further enhance the mass communication process.  Speaker horns, can be added to extend the mass communication reach in large spaces or even outdoors.  The horns have a built-in microphone that allow for conversation and not just broadcast messaging.

Additional SIP-based devices can provide further assistance.  SIP-based emergency lighting offers communications options for those who may be hearing-impaired.  Lighting can be strobe with different flashing patterns or colors for different types of emergencies.  Panic or Call buttons can be added at strategic locations to enable specific, authorized persons to initiate an automatic emergency notification process.

Secondly, Ambit Solutions can integrate the Asterisk phone system to work with a PA system that may already be in place.  In many cases, there are Voice over IP Gateways that enable us to connect with your current PA system.  If your legacy PA system is outdated or damaged, we can often provide an economical retrofit.  With a retrofit, we can typically continue to utilize your current analog ceiling and hallway speakers, saving you the cost of a completely new system.

2×2 IP Ceiling Speaker

 If you’re wanting to upgrade to IP Speakers, Ambit Solutions has the answer.  Our IP Speakers are PoE-powered with Multicast Support for paging, built-in microphone, sound reinforcement, advanced panic-button functionality, and door lock relays for security and safety. This revolutionary speaker has the ability to power a second, auxiliary speaker up to 20 feet away via PoE cable.

Why continue to spend thousands of dollars on PA restoration after every lightning strike?  Let Ambit Solutions create a network-based PA system for you.