Alyssa’s Law

Alyssa’s Law is legislation to improve the response time of law enforcement during emergencies in public schools. It mandates that all public elementary and secondary school buildings be equipped with silent panic alarms that directly notify law enforcement.


Alyssa’s law requires all public elementary and secondary school buildings to be equipped with a silent panic alarm connected to local law enforcement.

“Panic alarm” means a silent security system signal generated by the manual activation of a device intended to signal a life-threatening or emergency situation requiring a response from law enforcement. It is intended for use in a school security emergency including, but not limited to, a non-fire evacuation, lockdown, or active shooter situation, and it should not be audible in the building.


Some states have already enacted compliance requirements for Alyssa’s Law. On October 4th, 2019, Alyssa’s Law was introduced to Congress at the Federal level. Ambit is tracking the progress of Alyssa’s Law and similar legislation. And of course, K-12 leaders are welcome to contact us to stay ahead of legislation. Being proactive means schools have more power to decide when alarm system upgrades and changes take place.  Keep in mind that waiting to make these changes until Alyssa’s Law is ratified exposes students and staff to increased risk. At Ambit we can show you how you can decrease emergency response times and stay ahead of Alyssa’s Law.