Bridging Communications

The term “Communications” envelopes a broad array of complicated technologies: Voice, Paging, Intercom, Email, Texting, Mass Notification, Emergency, Video, and even Access Control.  There are hundreds of options available when selecting a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) vendor for your business.  Ambit is the only provider that understands inter-connecting your voice communications platform with the myriad of other communication methods and infrastructure that your organization employs, thus: 

Bridging your VoIP platform to your facility’s legacy paging system;  Bridging your VoIP platform to your E911 notification system;  Bridging your VoIP platform to your access control system; Bridging your VoIP platform via cellular for failover.   Ambit has the knowledge and understanding to maximize the effectiveness of your VoIP platform and to minimize the cost of phone integration and ongoing operation;  Ambit Solutions is all about Bridging Communications! 

Whether it’s a simple bell schedule or a complex IVR for the admissions office, we can handle the communications needs of any size institution…

Ambit offers a solution that easily integrates all facilities into one unified communication platform..

It doesn’t matter if you are a Provider-, Payor-, or Patient-focused, the voice communications features Ambit Solutions delivers will make your operation more productive and efficient…

Ambit has a multitude of capabilities to help drive down costs and add more value to your voice communications..

The call recording and conference room features of Ambit’s VOIP platform make it easier to capture voice data for dictation or addition into a client’s electronic records…

Ambit can readily deploy a VOIP solution that makes the migration from the old key system to new technology very easy…

Most Non-profit entities still need all of the communications power to conduct business… Ambit can deliver a price-sensitive solution without breaking the budget…

Ambit Solutions not only can save costs of operation but can make it more efficient as well by implementing a simple IVR to answer frequent customer questions…

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