Our story is a simple one. We provide Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions; and we only do solutions based on the Open Source Platform known as Asterisk. At the end of the day we like to ask, “How much do you want to pay for dial tone?" Read more ›

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I Should Have Been A Plumber

I have an an old friend, who has since passed away, that always used the phrase “I should have been a plumber.” He would then go on to simply state that the excrement (slightly shorter words though) always flows down hill, and it always smells the same. It was his way of verbalizing that predictability

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Telecom and Jobs in Rural America

If our political leaders truly want to bring a wave of business back to the United States, or even create fertile ground for small business growth, then change must occur in telecom in rural America. When AT&T was “broken” up in 1982, it simply took a nationwide monopoly and created hundreds of rural monopolies. In

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