Paging and Intercom

Most education and healthcare facilities rely heavily on the ability to make overhead announcements and the ability to make “hands free” calls to personnel.  What complicates this even further is that many buildings were installed with dedicated paging and intercom systems that are very old.  We have seen ceiling speakers that are approaching 40 years old but are still in use.  While large speakers are fairly inexpensive, the cost of rewiring is where the hidden costs lie.  Most new construction projects now make provisions for installing IP based overhead paging and intercom systems.

While Ambit can easily install the new IP based overhead paging and intercom systems, the question remains, how to deal with very old systems that have some functionality left?  The desire to integrate old legacy paging and intercom systems with the newer VOIP platforms is preferred, but how can it be done economically?

Ambit has the knowledge and experience to blend the worlds of IP and older paging and intercom systems from manufacturers like Bogen, Valcom, Rauland, Telecor, and many others.  The benefit is that it allows a user to combine their mass audio notification system with their VOIP platform at a very economical cost.  Then, over time, the IP based components can replace the antiquated and failing legacy components.

The combination of Paging and Intercom with the VOIP platform makes it easy to communicate daily announcements, page personnel in the facility, or trigger automated notifications such as 911 tests, lockdown, or inclement weather warnings.