Public Sector

County and municipal governments are constantly under pressure to provide better services to its citizens — all the while ‘pinching the proverbial pennies’. The common scenario is a mix of old telephone key systems spread across multiple non-interconnected buildings. While VOIP offers tremendous efficiencies, many organizations simply can’t afford the network infrastructure to support most traditional commercial VOIP platforms. 

Many public sector entities often have a mixture of mission-critical facilities (e.g., Court House, City Hall, Sheriff, Police, Fire) and ancillary facilities (e.g., Senior Center, Parks, and Recreation, Sanitation, Streets, etc.). Often, the network is a blend of private fiber connections (or even VPN) between the mission-critical facilities and public internet connections (basically islands) for ancillary facilities. Ambit offers a solution that easily integrates all facilities into one unified communication platform. 

Ambit’s Cloud-based VOIP platform is a perfect solution. While other commercial products charge a per seat, per month fee – Ambit does not.  Our implementations are a combination of cloud-based servers and required number of call paths. This approach means that you get a top of the line VOIP system for nearly half of the operating cost of the big brand name manufacturers. 

Recognizing that county and municipal governments provide emergency services that require failover capabilities, Ambit provides an affordable option that keeps your phone system up and running in the event that you lose your standard Internet connection. The failover happens automatically, so you don’t have to worry. Ambit serves many first responders, so we know the importance of uptime.