Ambit Solutions serves hundreds of schools and school districts, representing almost one percent of all the public schools in the US.  Because of our extensive experience with K-12, we have a unique understanding of how schools and districts operate, which is unlike a typical business, or a standard non-profit.  Needs are high and budgets are low. 

We understand the need for simplicity.  That’s why we provide a phone system that integrates Voice over IP with Intercom and Paging, School Bells, Call Recording, CDR Reports, and many other features. and that’s why the online administrative portal makes it easy to self-service and add extensions, voicemails and even other SIP devices. As a fully-hosted, turn-key solution, Ambit Solutions can handle all of that for each school and the district. 

We understand budgetary constraints.  That’s why there are no license fees for the phone system, features, or handsets. Neither are there any license fees based on the number of extensions. You can have an unlimited number of extensions at no additional cost. 

We understand that parents demand access.  Parents don’t want to get a busy signal when they need to reach the school, especially if it’s an emergency situation or a weather event related to school closings.  Because of that, we’ve designed our system to always enable access.  That is, with Ambit Solutions, ALL Parent Calls will get through.  They’ll either reach a person, an IVR Auto-attendant, a voice mail, or an announcement line, depending on how you want to set it up. School parents will NEVER GET A BUSY SIGNAL with Ambit Solutions. 

We understand the need for security at the schools.  That’s why we integrate the VoIP System with Intercom, Bells, and Call Recording; likewise, we offer emergency lighting, horns, and exterior door video management.  That’s why we can set up authorized school personnel to make emergency ‘ALL Calls’ remotely from any phone or cell phone, so that they don’t have to be in an office to begin an emergency notification. 

Call recording is built into the Phone system and is completely configurable. This feature is a must for campus police/resource officers or main office locations where personnel occasionally deal with verbal threats. 

Paging and intercom capability are critical for security measures. Gone are the days of having to purchase an expensive proprietary paging/intercom system for mass communications. Ambit Solutions can craft a solution for your facilities that integrates your current system with the phone system, making voice communications efficient while reducing costs. 

We understand District oversight.  That’s why we can enable the district office to initiate an ‘ALL Call’ or a lock-down across all schools throughout the district at once if the need arises; and that’s why we automatically notify critical personnel at the school or district whenever someone dials 911. 

We understand the need for continuity and uptime at individual schools.  That’s why Ambit Solutions initiates a variety of failover features to provide the highest available uptime.  We understand that school personnel must still be able to make 911 calls even if they have no Internet access and even if they are cut off from the WAN.  We ensure that takes place. 

Ambit Solutions serves school districts of all shapes and sizes — from districts with three schools to districts with over 100 schools.  We understand the communications demands of the education community.  Whether it is a simple bell schedule or a complex IVR for the admissions office, we can handle the communications needs of any size institution. 

Call or email us to discuss the needs of your particular school or district.