SIP Trunking Service

Lower Cost

Lower cost is great, unless it also means lower quality.  The wonderful part of Ambit Solutions SIP Trunking service is that you get great support, great quality, at a great price.  It’s that simple. 

E911 + 933 Management and Geo-Coding

After the challenge of porting phone numbers has been tackled, getting your 911 addressing information correct is the most important part of SIP Trunking services.  Other carriers make you submit a “Sales Order” with your assigned sales rep if your address is not absolutely correct in their system.  Most sales people don’t like to be bothered with tasks that don’t impact them financially.  We have seen some customers try for years to get their 911 addresses corrected.  With Ambit’s SIP Trunking services 911 service is handled immediately and tested within an hour of cutover. Ambit Solutions has complete control over the Geo-Coding process of your physical address.

Additionally, Ambit’s SIP Trunking service provides a simple and convenient way to perform a monthly 911 verification test – the 933 test call.  Dialing 933 will send the caller to a robotic call center that reads back the address on file for the caller’s CALLERID.  This eliminates the need to do scheduled 911 tests with live PSAPs (emergency dispatch centers), which can often be untimely, lengthy and burdensome. Ambit Solutions has complete control over both E911 and the Geo-Coding requirements for your location.

Dynamic Expansion of Call Paths

Daily or hourly call volume is difficult to track.  If you run a medical practice, Monday morning from 8 am – 9:30 am is likely a zoo with everyone needing to call your office to make or change an appointment.  But, call volume during the remainder of the week is often fairly flat.  The traditional carrier approach is to make you purchase the maximum number of call paths (simultaneous calls) to accommodate for your peak periods.  Therefore, you will be paying for that privilege 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Ambit understands that peaks are just that, temporary spikes in volume.  For this reason, we bill you based on your average daily simultaneous call volume.  For example, let’s assume your practice averages 5 simultaneous phone calls throughout a normal day, but on Monday morning you need 10 simultaneous call paths to handle the patients calling in to your main number.  Ambit would bill you monthly for 5 call paths but allow all 10 calls to flow through without getting a busy signal. The first five calls are answered, and each call in excess of the first five will be greeted with a VM option, an Interactive Voice Response, or an announcement line – flexible options are always available – but no one hears a busy signal! Ambit Solutions can ensure that your customers never receive a busy signal.

Flat Rate Local and Long Distance

You don’t have to pay by the minute for your cell phone service, right? So why should you do that for your business service?  Ambit believes that simpler is better.  For that reason we have always provided a simple flat rate nationwide (lower 48 States) — local or long distance — calling service.  We believe predictability in your monthly service is a higher priority than tracking every second of every call.  We have two rate plans, Public Sector (Education and Government), and Private Sector. Not complicated. Just another way Ambit Solutions saves you dollars!

Four Levels of Failover

Most SIP Trunking providers have a “Primary” and “Secondary” so-named trunk mechanism as a vehicle to continue trunking services in the event of a catastrophic or routine interruption to call service.  While this is adequate for most situations, it can become problematic during scheduled maintenance periods.  The Primary and Secondary are perfectly redundant if both are functioning normally.  However, if, for example, the Primary is down for maintenance, the Secondary becomes the only available trunk for a period of time.  If something, in turn, happens to the Secondary during the maintenance period then the call service will be interrupted.  For this reason, Ambit Solutions’ SIP Trunking service utilizes four (4) active SIP signaling server addresses that are programmed into every PBX. Hence, Ambit Solutions provides double protection from that of traditional carriers!

No Long Term Contracts

Ambit does not require long-term contracts for its SIP Trunking.  All agreements are month-to-month.  We believe that customers should be free to move their service if they are not being served well.  This puts the motivation to perform at high expectations – every day – squarely on the Ambit Solutions Team!

Number Porting Management

Ambit Solutions has a dedicated team for handling the porting process.  The reason for this is that the porting process is the most crucial part of getting a customer’s phone service ended with one provider and started with another.  It is also the most difficult and frustrating process to navigate.  Ambit Solutions does all the heavy lifting for you. No more dealing with “The Phone Company”!

Ambit Solutions and SMS Texting

Communication via SMS texting just continues to increase in popularity.  Any DID (10 digit phone number) can be SMS-enabled.  This feature can be a very handy feature for any organization that wishes to utilize any of its phone numbers for texting to increase the response times to customers.  An example might be SMS enabling an organization’s main helpdesk number.  Now customers can call or text the number and the conversation is converted by Ambit Solutions’ SIP Trunking Service into an email conversation that enables back-and-forth communication with an individual cell phone.  Additional fees are associated with SMS enabled numbers. Ambit Solutions can get you current!