Female Customer Services Agent In Call Centre

Voice Over IP

VoIP Service Means Lower Cost

Lower cost is great unless it also means lower quality.  The wonderful part of Ambit Solutions Voice Over Internet Protocol service is that you get great support, great quality, at a great price.  It’s that simple.  

No Long Term Contracts 

Ambit does not require long-term contracts for its SIP Trunking.  All agreements are month-to-month.  We believe that customers should be free to move their service if they are not being served well.  This puts the motivation to perform at high expectations – every day – squarely on the Ambit Solutions Team! 

Customer Portal

Ambit’s SIP Trunking service provides a web-based end-user portal for viewing your pool of DIDs (10 digit phone numbers) associated with your telecom account.  This easily accessible and viewable portal will enable you to verify your E911 records on file at the carrier level and will permit searching for and purchasing new DIDs at your convenience.  Ambit Solutions provides tools to make you self-reliant!

Superior Support

How many times have you called your current carrier to address an issue, then wait while the rep – if you can get one – spends time in creating the ticket only to inform you that it will be assigned to someone soon?  The effort far exceeds the time it would take to actually fix the issue!  Ambit’s SIP Trunking is fully controlled by Ambit and its in-house support staff.  When you call with a carrier-related issue we are able to address that issue with the person handling your initial call.  And, since Ambit is also maintaining your PBX, we can further address the issue if it happens to be caused by a PBX-related setting and not a carrier-related issue.  All this boils down to one phone call to one entity for all of your telephone system support needs. Ambit Solutions provides superior support!