IP Intercom

A Comprehensive Public Addressing Solution for Your School or Campus
IP Intercom

Enhancing Security

in Educational Institutions

When it comes to the security and safety of your school or campus, there is no room for compromise. At Ambit, we understand the importance of creating a secure environment that is safe for students, staff, and visitors alike. That is why we are proud to deliver our IP Intercom Solution, a comprehensive security solution that provides enhanced security, seamless integration, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Superior Security

Improve emergency safety with our IP Intercom featuring SIP speakers that provide backup functionality, eliminate single point of failure, and ensure better resiliency.

Cost Saving

Maximize investment with our cost-effective IP Intercom Solution, reducing cabling costs by 50% and expanding audio coverage with Secondary and Extension Speakers.


Our scalable IP Intercom Solution is cost-effective, allowing for system expansion as needed for growing schools or campuses.

School Safety

Prioritize Security and Safety

with an IP Intercom Solution

Our IP Intercom Solution provides quick and easy communication between staff, faculty, and security personnel in the event of an emergency, thereby enhancing security and safety measures. The solution can be integrated with other security systems, such as access control, and emergency notification systems, to create a more comprehensive security solution. This integration can help schools respond more effectively to emergency situations, thereby increasing the safety of everyone in the school or campus.


Superior Security

Ensure the safety of your school or campus with cutting-edge security powered by our state-of-the-art IP Intercom. With SIP speakers, you can register on multiple systems simultaneously, providing backup functionality that eliminates the possibility of a single point of failure. This ensures better resiliency and maximizes uptime for potential emergencies.

Cost Saving

Our IP Intercom Solution is designed to provide maximum value for your investment by offering a cost-effective solution. Reduce cabling costs by up to 50% by utilizing Wiring Reduction Technology. Our Secondary Speakers and Extension Speakers are the perfect tool to expand your audio coverage without the additional costs of PoE cable homeruns, which alone prevent many organizations from having complete coverage in their buildings.


Our IP Intercom Solution can be easily scaled up or down depending on school needs. This makes it an ideal solution for growing schools or campuses that need to expand their intercom system without incurring significant costs. With our solution, you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Seamless Integration

Our IP Intercom Solution seamlessly integrates with our PBX phone solution, making it easy to use and manage. The PBX phone system can be used to make public announcements or alert people in emergency situations via the intercom. Additionally, the IP intercom system can be integrated with other security systems, such as access control and emergency notification systems, to create a comprehensive security solution.


Our IP Intercom Solution offers greater flexibility in terms of where intercom stations can be placed. This flexibility is because the solution operates on a computer network, which means that intercom stations can be located in multiple buildings or off-site locations, providing better coverage and reaching more areas without the need for additional wiring or hardware.

Two Way Communication

Our IP Intercom Solution provides two-way communication features, allowing you to quickly modify a zone or paging group without touching a speaker. With SIP speakers, you can run announcements with one-way audio and room calls as duplex, streamlining communication for emergencies, alerts, and announcements.

Multicast Support

Our IP Intercom Solution’s SIP speakers support multicast, allowing you to quickly modify a zone or paging group without touching a speaker.

Ease of Management

Our IP Intercom Solution's SIP speakers are easy to manage. Access each speaker by IP address, or identify when a speaker is offline because it falls off a registration list. With direct cable runs, there is no possibility of complex wiring hidden away in ceilings, lost on 66 blocks, or bundled in IDFs. What you see in the GUI is what you get, eliminating troubleshooting headaches.


From Industry Leading IP Speakers and Device Manufactures

2X2 Ceiling IP Speaker
A powerful and easy-to-install speaker that replaces ceiling tiles and plays local audio. It can connect to a Call/Panic Button, has ability to power a Second Room Speaker, and can lock and monitor two doors during a building lockdown.
Wall Mount IP Speaker
A simple-to-use multi-use end device that contains multiple systems in one. It plays crisp audio, local room audio through a Sound Reinforcement Panel, and can act as a help station via a panic button. It can power a Second Room Speaker, is easy to install, and can lock and monitor two doors during a building lockdown.
Paging Horn
Our paging horn is a weatherproof, wideband audio speaker that is perfect for outdoor locations. Its integrated microphone enables talkback and listens for ambient noise, automatically increasing speaker volume when necessary. Its scalable and cost-effective multicast capability allows a SIP registered speaker to stream audio to additional speakers, making it easy to understand voice paging and notification announcements, even in noisy environments.
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