Our Story: Why We Do What We Do 

We at Ambit Solutions believe business relationships are no different than relationships in our personal lives; they are lasting and strengthened through honesty and trust.  When clients entrust their communication needs with Ambit Solutions, we embody that trust very seriously.  Our goal is to earn our clients business every single day – not just the day they sign on.  Ambit will never sacrifice a relationship for a dollar – period. 

In 2008, our first year of PBX installations, we realized that a communications company built on relationships was non-existent.  In fact, most of our clients either “tolerated” or “endured” the relationship with their long-standing telecom company.  We quickly understood simple principles, like being available for our clients, listening to our clients, and working alongside our clients – all of which were rare character traits for a telecom company. 

2007 and 2008 were not the easiest years to start a new business.  The USA was suffering from one of the worst recessions in 80 years.  Our early clients took a huge risk in moving away from some big-name carriers and commercial PBX vendors; those risks were typically overcome by the savings Ambit Solutions could deliver.  Most people assumed that lower cost would inherently correlate to lower service; however, our clients repeatedly commented on how much better their service level was while realizing slashed costs.  Ambit still provides some of the lowest telecom costs, but these days we also enjoy boasting our high level of customer service and expertise, not to mention our long-term client relationships.