C.M., Director of Technology

“We moved from a Shoretel, premises-based VOIP solution in November 2018. We have been thrilled with the simplicity of management, the robustness of the capabilities within the system and thoroughly pleased with Ambit’s support throughout the implementation and now in the support of the system day-to-day.  Their team did a phenomenal job with the implementation process as they were knowledgeable and the customer service delivered by the team exceeded our expectations. 

We are now saving a significant amount of money for our phone system in comparison to our previous system and we are having a much better experience in our schools.  I highly recommend Ambit Solutions and their VOIP system offering for anyone looking to reduce costs of their current communications systems.  They have been the perfect choice for us and we have continually had our expectations exceeded by their team.”

J.V., Police Department

“Ambit Solutions has been just that, a solution! Not only have they provided a high-quality product that meets all of our needs and more, but the service that comes with that product is also second to none.  When I’ve called support, they are willing to stay on the phone with me until the issue is addressed.  They don’t just fix an issue or help me develop a solution to a problem, they take the time to teach me how to use the PBX software so that I can easily customize our system anytime I need to.”

“Ambit’s platform is so versatile that it has met all of our expectations and even provided answers to issues we never expected it to.  So far the phone system has handled anything we have asked it to do.  From simple everyday phone features to virtual voicemails for field personnel, voicemail blasting for mass notifications, ring groups, hunt groups, and even remote dialing.  Our new phones can do it all!”

“While the phone system is impressive, the support and customer service is even more impressive.  Whether I submit a ticket online for a request for help or call customer service directly, the support request is answered quickly and professionally.  The customer service team is great at solving simple issues and developing solutions for more complex requests.  Ambit has consistently gone above and beyond to solve any problem and help my team perform better.”

“Recently, we were facing a system upgrade from one of our vendors who’s system ties into some of our phone systems.  During the transition, we worked with several companies that were involved in the project.  Several problems developed while preparing for the event.  Ambit worked with us to help us solve problems that we were facing, even solving problems that were the responsibility of the other vendors.”

“Ambit personnel were on scene with us during the event solving problems that would have stalled the project setting us back weeks. At the end of the day, Ambit was one of the last vendors working to ensure everything was back up and functioning. Craig used his expertise to help our other vendors integrate their products with our systems and get us back to business. One of our other vendors even referred to Craig as the Superhero of the day!”

“I would definitely recommend Ambit to anyone looking for a phone system to help their team perform to their fullest potential.”

N.L., Office Manager

“We are HUGE fans of Ambit Solutions! We had so many problems with our phone system and Internet prior to switching to Ambit.  Now those problems are no longer an issue. If we have needed help, whether a question or a service call, their office is ALWAYS so accommodating and professional.  They are well informed and extremely helpful. Furthermore, our monthly cost using Ambit Solutions is close to half of what we paid to have the prior system (headaches included!!).”

M.T., Director of Technology

“I would like to recommend Ambit Solutions for your VOIP Phone systems provider. After reviewing the product at other school districts we decided to go with Ambit Solutions.”

“The Ambit Solutions team was on site to inventory and program the phones. Then the team went out to all 34 schools and placed over 2,400 phones in the offices and classrooms, set up paging, and tied into our existing paging system.”

“We started the project in the middle of June and on July 3rd, Ambit Solutions moved us from the Cisco Call Manager solution to their SIP solution and we have not looked back since.  In short, we moved all the phones and got set up in about a month’s time frame.”

“I highly recommend Ambit Solutions. If you’re looking for a company that knows what they’re doing in the SIP phone system industry, then Ambit Solutions will be an extremely positive addition to your organization.”

K.S., Director of Technology

“I am writing this letter to highly recommend the services of Ambit Solutions for any communications projects.  I have worked with them for over 10 years and have found their company to be professional, timely, knowledgeable, and with great leadership.”

“Our first experience with Ambit was changing our entire school district from one no longer supported phone system to an Ambit solution.  Their knowledge and experience in working with these systems was evident from the first meeting. Their planned rollout of the system and working with our existing, antiquated system made the changeover for our end-users as seamless as possible.  They also understand the budgetary constraints of educational institutions and never suggest more than we need and help us find economical solutions without compromising on quality. Thus allowing us to spend more on our students.”

“Since that time, we have performed various upgrades, merged our overhead Public Address (PA) system with our phones, and moved our telecommunications lines from AT&T to an Ambit provided system.  Because of their expertise and knowledge, I have been confident in the success of every project we have undertaken with Ambit Solutions.”

“I also speak regularly  with my cohorts across the state and have also only heard positive experiences from peer school districts when dealing with Ambit Solutions.  Something that is rare in this day and time but speaks to the character of their company and leadership.”

C.J., Director of Technology

“I have worked with Ambit Solutions for the last two years as our VOIP solution…(the) team has worked with us building a VOIP solution for our 15 sites that utilize our fiber network.  They have gone above and beyond with their solution to provide us with stability. At most any given point that a need or issue has arisen, they have responded in a very timely manner.”

“We have also used Ambit Solutions to help us with other areas of needs including intercom and bells at local schools.  Once again, they provided us with exemplary service and information that allowed us to resolve the issues in a very timely manner.”

“All of our experience during our two-year association with Ambit Solutions has been very positive, and to our knowledge this company has a history of timely and successful completion of its jobs.”

Dr. C.W., Director of Technology

“Ambit Solutions has worked diligently to provide VOIP services and Intercom and Bell services for our schools. They offer quality products and services for a reasonable price and installation by qualified technicians.  I cannot rave enough about our experience with Ambit Solutions.”

“From the first call made to their company inquiring about phone service to our most recent support questions, Ambit Solutions has provided the best customer service from any company that I have encountered.  No matter how large or how small the problem, the company’s primary goal is to correct the issue as quickly as possible. Their staff will assist with any problem or question you may have by walking you through the steps in user-friendly terms. When needed, they will send a technician to resolve the issue.”

“When our VOIP system was introduced, Ambit Solutions provided step-by-step instructions on how to best use the online portal.  We worked closely to ensure that the dynamics of our system (extensions, ring groups, voicemail settings, etc.) were set up in a way to best meet our needs.  After a lightning strike destroyed our intercom system, Ambit Solutions helped us to quickly remedy the situation at a much lower cost than replacing the system. “

“I highly recommend Ambit Solutions for your VOIP and/or intercom and bell needs.”